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As boardroom insiders, we have witnessed firsthand how the process could be improved.

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Trewstar's three partners are themselves corporate directors. Together they have served on 10 different public company boards over more than 30 years (and counting!) Every member of our team is focused on the needs of the boardroom and the best way to deliver results during a board engagement.


The Foundation

Introductory meetings with key management and board members help us build an understanding of the company's business, strategy and board culture, and develop the specification for the search.

The Search

We scour all available resources from our own database and extensive professional networks to publications and industry organizations to find exceptional candidates. The result is a broad list of the best possible candidates – not just the usual suspects.

The Evaluation

Trewstar narrows the pool of candidates and identifies the strongest based on skills, culture fit, and interest in the opportunity. During our in-depth vetting process, we also clear the candidates for date and business conflicts.

The Interviews

Following a robust discussion with the client team, individuals are selected to be interviewed. We handle the entire interview scheduling process from start to finish and thoroughly prepare the candidates for the meetings. We also provide robust profiles of the candidates and debrief with clients after every interview.

The Selection

We guide our clients and finalist candidates through the "last mile" of the journey, including professional background checks and on-boarding activities. On average our clients extend offers to candidates within four months.

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