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Our Search Process

As boardroom insiders, we have witnessed firsthand how the process could be improved

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We are set apart by the fact that our partners have benefited from over two decades of corporate board experience and have appointed numerous directors to their own boards. Our governance insights derive not from secondary sources, but from their years in the boardroom.

The Foundation

We begin every search with a conversation to learn about your culture and board needs. We are highly attuned to sensitivities around boardroom composition and refreshment and how those issues drive collegiality and effectiveness. This understanding allows us to help you design the best specification and most strategic process for your search.

The Search

We scour all available resources from publications to industry conferences to our longstanding connections in the corporate world, including fellow board members, clients, and industry leaders to find exceptional candidates who meet your specifications. The result is a broad list of the best candidates – not just the usual suspects.

The Evaluation

We personally meet and screen all of our candidates and present you with a tailored list. All candidates will be vetted and interested in your opportunity. 

The Scheduling

We then handle the entire scheduling process from start to finish. 

The Selection

We are known for our meticulous personal process, and we guide our clients and the finalist candidates through the “last mile” of the journey. On average our clients extend offers to candidates within four months.

Our experience serves you.

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