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We understand the nuances of your company’s ownership structure and will calibrate our search to suit your needs.

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Public Companies

We are attuned to the nuances of shareholder and stakeholder demands and will find you the exceptional director you need to round out your board. Since 2011, we have been building and continually enhancing our proprietary database consisting of thousands of candidates. Our reach is national and across all industries. We work with large public companies, as well as newly public companies and SPACs. 

Venture-backed Companies

We have worked with venture-backed companies across the country – some as they look to strengthen their boards in anticipation of an IPO, others at the seed round as they look to mature their governance structures in anticipation of the next funding round. The depth and breadth of our networks across industries ensure that we have access to the expertise you want to suit your governance needs. 

Private Equity

We have deep experience working with Private Equity clients to place independent directors on their portfolio companies. We are well-attuned to the complexities of successfully fulfilling the duties of an independent director to a PE-backed board, and we will bring a nuanced eye to a search for exceptional candidates who will fit with the caliber of the PE firm’s deal and operating partners.

Private Companies

We have considerable experience with private companies – including family-owned companies – that are looking to refresh their boards. We also assist many clients in the run up to IPO. We have been engaged to find specialists who can bring particular expertise to the boardroom, and we have been asked to find an independent perspective to enhance growth and strategic insights. Regardless of the mandate, our extensive network and unparalleled reputation enable us to attract the right candidates for our clients’ needs.

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70% public company placements and 30% private and pre-IPO placements