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We would relish the opportunity for an in-person conversation. However, answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are below.

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  • We would like to broaden our diversity. Will you look for diverse candidates – including men?

    Yes. We have a strong track record of finding women, as well as diverse male directors. Our standards for excellence are unwavering. We only ask that you interview the diverse candidates first. 33% of the candidates we have placed are people of color - 75% of them are women and 25% are men. 

  • We have an exceptionally strong network in our sector, why should we use Trewstar?

    It is true that everyone thinks they know the right person; the reality is different. Many of our clients have found that cross-fertilization across geographies and sectors enhances boardroom dialogue. Regardless, industry networks are only the entry point to a successful search. The value a search firm brings is far beyond sourcing candidates. Proper vetting, running a tight process, and using refined judgment in difficult moments is key. Running a proper search takes an investment of time, energy, and skill that board members and management teams might not have.

  • What is the Trewstar value proposition?

    We deliver a premium service. Our senior team consists of executive leaders with decades of public board experience and networks that allow them to reach any individual in any industry. Our partners have been part of the search and selection process for new board members on their own boards.

    Furthermore, we vet candidates and run the process as if we were you because we have stood in your shoes and understand the importance of a professional, efficient process with exceptional outcomes. In addition, we understand the nuances and sensitivities around board composition and refreshment. We provide a better service, and our clients recognize the value.

  • Isn’t industry specialization critical for a successful search?

    We have never found this to be a critical factor and have executed successful searches in a wide range of industries: manufacturing, finance, tech, healthcare, media, food services, defense, timber, oil & gas, to name a few. We had a successful first search in each sector and have never disappointed our clients.

  • We are a very collegial group and aren’t comfortable adding a board candidate we don’t already know.

    Reference checking is crucial, knowing a board member in advance is not. We can introduce you to clients who have overcome similar concerns.

  • It would be easier to hire the firm that does our executive search work – they know us well.

    They may know you, but they don’t necessarily know the right candidates. The caliber and breadth of our board placements help distinguish us from our peers in the search industry. We have no trouble learning what we need to know about a company in order to effect a successful board search. It would be interesting to consider whether you would be doing your executive search firm a favor by outsourcing the board work to a firm that will not compete on the executive search work.

  • It might seem old fashioned, but I feel more comfortable hiring a traditional, multi-line search firm.

    Of course, that is your prerogative. The first brave souls to hire Trewstar were potentially taking a risk. Today, it might be worth considering whether failing to engage us is the greater risk.

How do we make it work?

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