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We are always interested in expanding our network of talented C-Suite executives.

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We encourage you to submit your chronological CV to us in the form below. You will be considered for searches that fit your background, and we will contact you for a meeting when we have an opportunity that is right for you. We do informational interviews only in the context of an actual assignment. We do not need a board bio! 

  • How do I ensure that I am considered by Trewstar for board opportunities?

    By submitting your CV to us in the form below, you are joining our network of potential candidates. If your CV and Linkedin profile accurately highlight your achievements and skills, then we can assure you that you will be properly entered into our database – and considered for relevant opportunities. 

  • Will you help me prepare a board bio?

    We are a small and nimble team, and unfortunately do not have the resources to help you with preparing a board bio. Moreover, we are strong believers in the utility and value of a chronological CV, and, unlike other search firms, do not require that candidates provide us with board bios. When and if you are considered for a potential opportunity, we will make sure that we have a complete understanding of your career history and highlights. Ultimately, we will get to know you far beyond the paragraphs of a board bio. With our unique and highly personal approach, we are consistently successful with our placements and have never had a client request a board bio.

  • What sort of board should I consider?

    We counsel potential candidates to be open-minded about board opportunities. Some of the most rewarding experiences come from the most unexpected placements. Certainly, your skillset and industry will be deeply relevant, but adjacent or unexpected industries may be looking for potential strategic cross-fertilization. Similarly, while public companies may offer a certain cachet, private or pre-IPO companies may offer a greater opportunity to offer guidance and make a strategic impact. Explore a wide range of opportunities and prioritize your respect for and compatibility with the director group you will be joining.

  • I am transitioning from my current job, should I consider shifting to a portfolio of boards?

    A portfolio of boards can be an engaging and intellectually fascinating capstone to an executive career. We would counsel that you ensure that you are not transitioning too early. Board directors are at the top of their careers and must garner the respect of the top management team and be able to provide counsel and support to the CEO. It is also possible to negotiate for the opportunity to take on an outside board role, as you transition – not to a portfolio of boards – but to a subsequent full-time position. 

  • I don’t want to be selected because I am a diversity candidate. How do you ensure that doesn't happen?

    No matter the candidate we consider, our primary concern is excellence. We will never screen simply for diversity. We stake our reputation on providing our clients with the best possible candidates who meet the specifications they have provided. In our minds, the candidates we present are first and foremost top-notch executives, who just happen to be diverse. 

"What’s unique is Trewstar’s state-of-the-art approach to board search and placement. I found their guidance to be highly personalized in matching my interests with the absolute right board opportunity. The board search process was a truly wonderful experience.”

CIO, Fortune 50 tech company, placed on $37B market cap professional services board

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