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Trewstar was founded by Beth Stewart, a 20-year veteran of the corporate boardroom. She began by taking the traditional approach to board search and flexing it in favor of our clients. She brought boardroom insights – along with rigor and a disciplined process – to the business of search.

"I started Trewstar in 2011 to encourage sitting directors to access untapped networks in their board refreshment processes."

Beth Stewart, Founder and CEO

We pride ourselves on finding new talent for every client.

But, we do not just search at the time of an assignment. We continually invest in our business by sourcing outstanding female and diverse candidates in advance of potential assignments. In any given month we interview dozens of new candidates. These candidates come to us from referrals from board members, from C-suite level executives, from candidates themselves who contact us directly, and from our own original research. We tap into our corporate networks and relationships with audit, consulting, law, investment banking, and not-for-profit firms, as well as affinity groups. 

We know thousands of potential directors.

Many organizations will advertise the depth of their candidate pool. Here’s our difference: our candidates are vetted by us. Because we are boardroom members ourselves, we are able to propose candidates who meet our clients’ strategic needs and specific boardroom cultures. This distinction is critical to a smooth and successful search process.

We tailor our process and candidates to your corporate needs.

Whether you are seeking candidates for a Fortune 100 company, a Pre-IPO, or a PE-backed company – or something in between – we have the experience to present you with exceptional candidates befitting your size, industry, and geography. Our typical search is completed in three to four months from signing an engagement letter to candidate selection.


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500+ candidates were interviewed and vetted by us in the last 12 months