Trewstar Corporate Board Services

We care about good corporate governance

Trewstar was founded by Beth Stewart, a 20-year veteran of the corporate boardroom.

She felt her own boardroom insights – along with rigor and a disciplined process she learned as an investment banker – would make Trewstar's searches better than the industry standard. 

"I started Trewstar in 2012 to encourage sitting directors to access untapped networks in their board refreshment process."

Beth Stewart, Founder and CEO

We pride ourselves on finding new talent for every client.

We do not just search for candidate possibilities assignment by assignment. In any given month we interview dozens of prospective new candidates who are introduced to us by directors and executives, approach us on their own, or pop up in our original research. We regularly tap into our relationships with audit firms, consultancies, law firms, and investment banks as well as affinity groups and industry associations. 

We know thousands of potential directors.

Many organizations advertise the depth of their candidate pool. We do not believe any search firm's database compares to Trewstar's thanks to our exclusive focus on board-readiness. Our candidate pool has been expertly vetted through a board lens. This distinction is critical to an efficient and successful search process. 

We tailor our process and candidates to your corporate needs.

From the Fortune 50 to Series A, we have the experience to present you with exceptional candidates befitting your size, industry, and candidate profile. We can work as quickly or slowly as needed, flexing our process to fit your milestones and goals.


How We Do It

500+ candidates were interviewed and vetted by us in the last 12 months