As specialists in boardroom issues, we approach board search differently.

Trewstar was founded in 2011. We started by taking the traditional approach to board search and flexing it in favor of our clients.  We invest in our business by sourcing outstanding female candidates in advance of potential assignments. Our clients are as diverse as our candidates. We do not specialize in a single industry or geographic location. 

It’s not about supply, it’s about demand. There is no shortage of high caliber female board candidates. In any given month we interview twenty or more new candidates – we now know hundreds of potential directors. When we started, we placed candidates that broke the mold for the traditional corporate director in many respects including gender, age, ethnicity, and skill set. Now our candidates are changing the definition of traditional.  All of our candidates had the experiences or expertise to match our clients' specifications, yet most of them were not working with any other search firm.

We recommend that our clients interview the female candidates first, and then if necessary we can open the search to male candidates. Our standards for excellence are gender neutral.