Trewstar Corporate Board Services

Our Commitment to Diversity

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Our beginnings

In 2010, after 20 years as a public company director, Beth Stewart founded Trewstar to create an effective process for – not merely connecting the pipeline of exceptional women to boards of corporations – but for ensuring the placement of candidates on those boards.

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Her innovation

Slates of all-female candidates, with a promise to open the search further if the slate failed to meet expectations. It never did. Today we tailor our slates to a client's specific needs and expand to mixed slates as requested.

Trewstar Today

We specialize in female candidates, of all backgrounds. It’s where we started our business. We soon expanded to include men of color on our slates. Our approach is to present a slate focused on diverse candidates and ask our clients to meet them first.

While we have always presented truly diverse slates of female candidates, we are being asked to focus on diversity beyond gender – including diverse men. Our innovation of 100% diverse slates has become a procedural norm, with potent results. And, as progress is made and public boards have become more diverse, more clients ask us to present mixed slates of candidates, which we are happy to do.

How do we do it?

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