Trewstar Corporate Board Services

Our Commitment to Diversity

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Our beginnings

In 2010, after 20 years as a public company director, Beth Stewart founded Trewstar to create an effective process for – not merely connecting the pipeline of exceptional women to boards of corporations – but for ensuring the placement of candidates on those boards.

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Her innovation?

Slates of all-female candidates, with a promise to open the search to men if the slate failed to meet expectations. It never did.

A seismic shift

  • 2017 State Street Global Advisors promised to vote against governance chairs of all-male boards
  • 2018 BlackRock followed suit
  • 2018 California mandates a minimum of one female director
  • 2020 Goldman Sachs requires a diverse director on companies looking to IPO
  • 2020 California mandates at least 1 director from an underrepresented community

Trewstar today

2020 has marked a critical and exciting turning point in Trewstar’s journey. While we have always presented truly diverse slates of female candidates, we are being asked to focus on diversity beyond gender – including diverse men. Our innovation of 100% diverse slates has become a procedural norm, with potent results:

  • 60% of candidates placed in 2020 were men and women of color
  • 75% of candidates added to our network in the past 6 months were people of color
  • 95% of our placements are women

How do we do it?

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70% of clients specifically requested an African American or Latinx director in 2020