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Trewstar ChatGPT

April 17, 2023

Dear Friends,
The Trewstar team enjoyed a recent off-site gathering, where a casual discussion of technology took place over lunch. It started with my new Ray Ban Stories glasses and the surprisingly wonderful photos they take.
We then decided to try ChatGPT via We asked the chatbot to compose a poem for an associate who is getting married this month. Within seconds of inputting several tidbits about the bride and groom, a perfect poem was produced for a champagne toast.
Emboldened by the bubbly, we moved from the personal to a business-related task.
What, we wondered, would ChatGPT claim are the top 10 reasons to hire Trewstar? We received a near instantaneous answer that was surprisingly accurate, albeit with this amusing disclaimer:
As an AI language model, I do not endorse or promote specific companies or services. However, here are some general factors that businesses may consider when choosing a corporate board provider… Editor’s note: more on this in a future TrewNews.
Interested to see how much ChatGPT could help me with the missive you are reading now, I asked the chatbot to write an amusing letter to corporate directors about using ChatGPT. I was on the free version, and it told me it was having a problem and could not respond. I upgraded to the paid version ($20 per month) to see if this “problem” would go away and – voila! Within seconds I got my letter. Fortunately (unfortunately?) the letter was not ready for prime time so the text you are reading now was penned by a human. I did receive a joke that is worth sharing as a demonstration of ChatGPT’s capacity for innocence:
“Why did the tomato turn red?”
“Because it saw the salad dressing.”
Since the poem writing capability was actually impressive, I decided to use it as a party trick. I had ChatGPT write a birthday toast for an old family friend using pieces of information I’d provided. Despite my never having displayed any poetry writing ability in our 40-year friendship, my friend was touched by the long, lovely poem and believed I had written it. (I finally confessed.) Perhaps all of you can be the first on your block to employ this innocuous use of cutting-edge technology before the party trick runs its course.
Our quite harmless use of ChatGPT stands in contrast to the far more complicated issues directors are facing on boards across every industry with respect to the current technology revolution. One client recently told us she anticipates her board will ban ChatGPT. But how, we wonder?

Another example, on the positive side, is the "off-label" use of the gaming industry’s augmented reality. This one comes from one of our managing directors, Heather Wolf. Heather’s neighbor fell off a roof last year, breaking just about every bone in his body. After a lengthy hospitalization, he started rehab in a drug-fueled haze. Terrified of spending the rest of his life on opioids, he set out to find an alternative. Hiking the world’s highest peaks and landing planes in the country’s busiest airports through his virtual reality glasses now offer him such a joyful diversion from his chronic pain that drugs are no longer needed. What may be a video game to some is not child’s play for this man.
As you are thinking about how new technology capabilities are influencing the safe and ethical operations and growth of your businesses, you might consider trying some of these fun and accessible applications from the comfort of your own living room.
Smile for the Ray Bans,