Our process ensures that we can help you find the best candidate for your board.


Client Service

We are dedicated to making the board search process run as smoothly as possible. This is reflected in the quality of our references and our transparent engagement letter.


We work quickly and efficiently and provide continuous feedback throughout the process. Our searches have taken anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the client’s needs. 


We provide advice on board composition, appropriate search criteria and how to manage the process once the finalist candidates have been selected.


Our interview and candidate reference check process help boards feel comfortable with candidates that they do not know personally.



We have access to candidates outside of our clients’ traditional networks where we find untapped talent.


We constantly receive new introductions to qualified director candidates from CEOs and current directors.


We make a point of getting to know prospective candidates in advance of our assignments. Many of our clients add two women at the same time, or within a year or so of our original assignment.



Unique Approach

We create a tailored list of candidates who are interested, qualified, and have no date or business conflicts. 


While we support male candidates for boards, we recommend that our clients interview the women first.  This approach stands out above all others as the best way to find the most talented female candidates.


Our motto is, “Our focus is on women, but our standards for excellence are gender neutral.”  

Our CEO started Trewstar with 20 years of Fortune 500 corporate director experience. She knows how the board functions from her time inside the boardroom and knows the best way to execute an assignment.


Our CEO speaks frequently on the topic of women and boards, and has been profiled or quoted by Bloomberg, Forbes, Agenda Magazine, Harvard Business School Alumni magazine, and the New York Times. 


All of our senior advisors are currently or have been corporate directors.


Our clients benefit from our experience. Just ask them.